La Spa



1. Purifying (60 min) VND 838.000
Using products with 100% natural ingredients, this personalized facial helps purify your skin, leaving it soft and smooth, and with a radiant glow. The aroma scents from the essential oils with help to relax your mind and revitalize your skin.

2. Aloe Vera (50 min) VND 373.000
This facial treatment includes a mask using fresh Aloe Vera gel that will help soothe and refresh your skin, while leaving it moisturized.

3. Mud (50 min) VND 373.000
This facial treatment includes a mask using mud and turmeric that deep cleanses while revitalizing and brightening your skin.



1. Aromatherapy (90 min) VND 787.000
This massage helps promotes relaxation, relieve tension and reduce stress through the therapeutic effects of Moisturizing body oil Relaxing optimized by the benefits of special massage techniques.

2. Hot Stone (90 min) VND 748.000
The warmth from volcanic stones helps to relax muscles and ease away tension and body aches, while gently improving circulation. It promotes deep sense of calm and wellbeing. By using Moisturizing body oil Calming.

3. Thai Massage (60 min) VND 598.000
This massage treatment helps to release muscle tension, improve muscle flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. It will relax as well as energize your body with using Moisturizing body oil Awakening.

4. Deep Tissue (60 min) VND 568.000
This massage treatment uses slow strokes with firm pressure to help loosen muscle tissue and release toxins, while boosting circulation. Using Moisturizing body oil Invigorating.

5. Relaxing (60 min) VND 508.000
This massage technique helps to ease tension, and reduce stress and anxiety. It also promotes restful sleep. Using Moisturizing body oil Relaxing.

6. Back Massage (30 min) VND 315.000
Soothe backaches and tension while enjoying the aroma scents from the moisturizing body oil Cooling. It offers maximum relief and benefit for those who have limited time.

7. Foot Massage (60 min) VND 500.000
Improve circulation, reduce stress and enhance relaxation by using acupressure on the reflex zones of the foot.


1. Aloe Vera Wrap (60 min) VND 598.000
Soothe and protect skin that has been over-exposed to the sun with this refreshing Aloe Vera Wrap. It will leave your skin moisturized and smooth.

2. Mineral Mud Wrap (60 min) VND 598.000
Revitalize tired skin with this mineral rich mud wrap. It absorbs impurities while it stimulates, tightens and invigorates your skin, giving it a refreshing glow.

3. Organic Body Scrub (60 min) VND 598.000
Renew and rehydrate your skin with this excellent moisturizing mixture of milk and honey blended with fine, mineral rich sand. It will leave your skin soft and radiant.

4. After Sport (90 min) VND 838.000
Designed as a perfect ending to a great workweek of tough day or for the fitness minded using Axial Moisturizing body oil soothing.

5. Sauna or Steam Bath (Unlimited) VND 189.000
Enhance detoxification and improve general circulation of your body while relieving stress and tension.



1. Gentle Body Massage (60 min) VND 472.000
A light and gentle massage with aromatherapy oils that will calm and soothe your body and promote restful sleep.

2. Gentle Foot Massage (45 min) VND 313.000
Light acupressure is used on the feet to enhance relaxation and improve circulation.



1. Reborn (2.15 hours) VND 1.005.000 Single/ VND 1.890.000 Couple
Sauna or Steam Bath (15 min)
Organic body scrub (30 min)
Gentle massage with body lotion (30 min)
Foot massage (60 min)

2. Relaxation (2.15 hours) VND 1.320.000 Single/ VND 2.460.000 Couple
Sauna or Steam Bath (15 min)
Relaxing massage (60 min)
Purifying facial (60 min)
Orange juice

3. Rejuvenation (3 hours) VND 1.540.000 Single/ VND 2.895.000 Couple
Sauna or Steam Bath (15 min)
Aloe vera wrap (60 min)
Hot Stone massage (90 min)
Orange juice

4. La Romantic (3.30 hours) VND 2.050.000 Single/ VND 4.050.000 Couple
Sauna or Steam Bath (15 min)
Organic body scrub (60 min)
Relaxing massage (60 min)
Purifying facial (60 min)
Orange juice

5. La Fantasy (4 hours) VND 2.550.000 Single/ VND 4.950.000 Couple
Sauna or Steam Bath (15 min)
Mineral mud wrap (60 min)
Head massage (30 min)
Relaxing massage (60 min)
Purifying facial (60 min)
Orange juice